Monday, April 06, 2009

[Science Form 2] Living Organism & Man

  • A camel provide transportation, food and milk to Man. Their skin is also used to make clothing and tents for shelter against desert winds.

  • Trees take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen durin photosynthesis. They also prevent soil erosion and reduce the surrounding temperature on a hot day.

  • Bees are important agents of pollination; hence, they contribute to the continuance of species. Bees also make honey, which is consumed by Man as food and medicines.

  • The fish provides Man with food for survival. It is rich source of protein too.

  • Mushrooms and fungi are a source of medicines, and they are also food for Man. Mushrooms are agents for the break down and decay of wood and leaves into humus and compost, which are vital for plant growth.

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