Monday, April 06, 2009

[Science Form 1] The Atomic Within

Matter is made up of tiny and discrete particles, which can be in the form of atoms or molecules.

These particles are not visible to our eyes.

That is why when we look at an object, we do not see the particles that make up the object.

Matter exist in three states: Solid, Liquid and Gas.

The orientation and behaviour of particles differ in the three phases of matter.

  • Particles are arranged very closely and packed in a fixed pattern.
  • Particles can only vibrates from side to side, and spin around their fixed positions.
  • Particles cannot move freely, from one place to another, as there is very little free space between them.


  • Particles are arranged close together but not in a fixed pattern.
  • Particles vibrate and move randomly around each other.
  • Collisions between particles occur frequently as there is free space between them.

  • Particles are widely spaced and not arranged in a fixed pattern.
  • Particles move randomly in all directions at high speed.
  • Collisions between particles occur very frequently as there is big free space between them.

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