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[Biology Form 4] Enzyme Extraordinaire

Many reactions take place within the cells of living organisms. If these reactions were to happen at a normal pace, they would take forever!

So, cells depend on specific protein molecules to speed up or catalyse the rate of the biochemical reactions in them. These catalysts are called enzymes.

Since enzymes are proteins in nature, they are easily affected by factors such as temperature and pH. Hence, conditions within the cell must be optimal for enzymes to function effectively.

The best way to master the topic on enzymes is to use the comprehensive S.M.A.R.T. guide.

S.M.A.R.T. guide to learning biology

Structure function relationship - knowing the function of every structure.

1. Structure: What chemical compound is an enzyme made up of?

2. Function: What is the role played by enzymes in living organisms?
Enzymes speed up the rate of chemical reactions in living organisms.

Mastery of facts - by asking the right questions and learning from the answer.
A simple way to accomplish this is by using the alphabetical ABCDEFG sub-guide. ABCDEFG means "Always (A) Begin (B) with CDEFG".

C is for characteristics

3. State the characteristics of enzymes:

a) Enzymes are made up of proteins.

b) They are catalysts that speed up the rate of a reaction.

c) They are not destroyed / altered by the reactions they catalyse.

d) Enzymes have specific active sites where they bind with substrates.

e) Enzymes show substrate specificity - they can only bind with specific substrates.

f) Enzymes are needed only in small amounts.

g) Enzyme-catalysed reactions are reversible - they catalyse reactions in either direction.

h) The activity of enzymes can be slowed down by inhibitors.

i) Enzymes work more effectively with the help of co-factors.

j) Enzymes are affected by factors such as temperature, pH, substrate concentration and enzyme concentration.

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