Sunday, October 26, 2008

Goal! 2: Living the Dream


The film starts at the beginning of the 2005/2006 season. Barcelona defeats Real Madrid by three goals in the Bernabéu, and Gavin Harris performs poorly in the Spanish league match. Santiago has attracted the interest of Real after his sensational performance in Newcastle last season and on deadline day he signs for them in a swap deal involving Michael Owen. Santi moves in with Roz to whom he is set to get married. He makes his debut in a game against Greek side Olympiakos. With the game tied at 0-0 he comes off the bench to score the winning goal with a fantastic volley to the delight of the home crowd. Meanwhile his friend Gavin Harris is misfiring and has failed to score in 14 matches.

Roz soon has to head home to carry on her studies. Santi continues to impress at Real and the manager and director of Football are seen arguing of whether he should start. However life gets bad for Santi when his half brother turns up and shows him a picture of his mom. Santi's mom left his dad years ago and is now living in Spain with a new husband and a son. Enrique had learnt of this and went to tell Santi. Santi is freaked and drives off. From then on his life goes downhill. He makes his first start in a home game against Valencia and he is sent off after 5 minutes when he hacked down Vicente. He drowns his sorrows at a bar with Jordana Garcia (a journalist he met at Gavin's party).

Things get worse for Santi as he misses the team plane for the game against Rosenborg and he then starts falling out with Roz as he becomes more selfish and arrogant. He sacks his agent Glen Foy who had given him a chance in football. Meanwhile his friend Gavin Harris is scoring again but he loses his house and moves in with Santi. Santi gets injured while playing football with Gavin at home and his coach bans him from returning home for Christmas. Roz begins to think that Santiago is cheating on her.

For New Year's Eve, Gavin organizes a party which Jordana Garica is invited to. Jordana and Santi soon start kissing and the next scene shows Santiago telling Gavin that nothing happened when in fact they kissed. Santi tells Gavin about his brother but seems unable to find him. Enrique and Santi encounter each other again, and Santiago gives Enrique a ride home. After Santi drops Enrique off at home, Enrique quickly grabs Santi's duffel bag containing his warm ups and practice jersey. Santiago, unable to chase Enrique because of his injury, gets back into his car.

Enrique then steals Santi's car and Santi jumps in a cab and orders the Cab to pursue the car. Enrique crashes the car and Santi is interviewed by the police at the hospital where Enrique has been treated. A member of the paparazzi takes a picture of Santi and Santi strikes him, just as the police drag him off he finally sees his mom.

He spends the night in the jail before a member of the club rescues him, however things get worse a magazine shows Jordana and Santi kissing at the bar on New Years Eve. Roz yells at Santi over the phone. Meanwhile Santi finally finds his mom and they talk over what happened where his mom reveals she ran away because a man and Santi's uncle attacked her. Santi plays a game of football with his brother Enrique. He then phones Roz and apologizes for his behaviour. Roz is pregnant but Santi doesn't know.

Harris scores the winning goal against Barcelona in the Champions League. Real Madrid get past Lyon in the Champions League Semi-Finals by goals of Harris and Santi in the Santiago Bernabéu. They play Arsenal in the final and are trailing 1-0 at half time. Santi is brought on to play behind Gavin Harris. Arsenal however score again through Thierry Henry. They then miss a penalty and Gavin Harris pulls one back. Santi hits the bar before scoring himself in injury time and David Beckham scores a free kick to win Real the Champions League.

Plot Notes

* Santiago Munez has been transferred to Real Madrid with Michael Owen moving in the opposite direction (to Newcastle) although in the change rooms the name Owen is still visible.

* Many Real Madrid players had cameos in the last film.

* All the actual footage of football matches came from the group stages in the Champions League. In reality, Real Madrid were knocked out by Arsenal in the first round, losing 0-1 at the Santiago Bernabeu and drawing 0-0 at Highbury.

* Gavin Harris is transferred to Real Madrid with no real reason behind it.

* In the unknown time frame between the movies, Roz and Santiago get engaged.


* Kuno Becker – Santiago Munez
* Alessandro Nivola – Gavin Harris
* Anna Friel – Roz Harmison
* Stephen Dillane – Glen Foy
* Rutger Hauer – Rudi Van Der Merwe
* Nick Cannon – TJ Harper (Arsenal F.C. Player)
* Frances Barber – Carol Harmison
* Miriam Colon – Mercedes
* Sean Pertwee – Barry
* Elizabeth Peña – Rosa Maria
* Leonor Varela – Jordana Garcia
* Mike Jefferies – Mad Director
* Alejandro Tapia – Julio
* Danny Stepper – American Tourist
* William Beck – Steve Parr
* Emma Field-Rayner – Lorraine
* Kevin Knapman – Jamie Drew


* Here Without You - 3 Doors Down
* Feeling a Moment - Feeder
* Bright Idea - Orson
* No Tomorrow - Orson
* Ave Maria - Barbara Bonney
* La Camisa Negra - Juanes
* I Like the Way (You Move) - BodyRockers
* Esto Es Pa Ti - Santa Fe
* Nothing - 'A'
* Letting the Cables Sleep - Bush
* Friday Friday - Boy Kill Boy
* Turning Japanese - The Vapours

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