Sunday, October 26, 2008

Goal! The Dream Begins


In Goal! The Dream Begins, Santiago is a football fan living in poverty in Mexico. His family escape to Los Angeles in United States of America as illegal immigrants. As Santiago gets older, he becomes a busboy at a Chinese restaurant and joins a local amateur football team.

Glen Foy, a former english player, sees him play and invites him a tryout for Newcastle United. Although all his talent, Santiago's father is against him chasing the dream and takes his hard-earned money to buy a truck for his gardening business. Heartbroken, Santiago loses all hope of chasing his dream as a football player. Amazingly, however, his grandmother uses the family savings to pay for his trip to Newcastle.

Starting life at Newcastle

Santiago Muñez arrives in Newcastle and is introduced to the manager of Newcastle United, Erik Dornhelm. When he goes for his tryout, he doesn't cope with the standard of Newcastle United's reserve players and he has a terrible match. Glen Foy pleaded for Santiago's tryout. Santiago was given a month for training. Fortunately, he passed and was on the reserve team. Santiago met Ros (Anna Friel) in the free clinic where Santiago got his medical papers since he does not have one. He did not tell Ros that he had a Respiratory problem (asthma). For the first game of the reserves, Santiago's inhaler was stepped on, therefore, he could not play well for the match. He was then kicked out of the team. The next day, Harris was late for practice. His car was out of wheels, literally. Gavin Harris rode the same cab Santiago was in first. Harris helped Santiago get back to the club. Erik Dornhelm put Santiago back in the reserves. During the second game for the reserves, Santiago made his career-starting goal and was advanced to the first team. When he made his debut against Fulham, he gives a penalty to Newcastle. Harris scored. The next match that he was in, he scored from a free kick against Liverpool, which gave Newcastle the fourth and final Champions League place, screaming to the top of his lungs.

Real Madrid

He is signed by Real Madrid as a swap for Michael Owen and Ros didn't want to go but Santi persuaded her. He came off the bench on numerous occasions and usually scored. But in his first start versus Valencia was a nightmare. He was sent of for a horror tackle on Vicente. While driving his Lamborghini his brother Enrique runs into the road and throws a picture of his mother Rosa (Elizabeth Pena) at him. He drives off. Soon after Enrique (only ten or eleven years old at the time) drives his Lamborghini and crashes it and a paparazzi photographer follows him to the hospital. He is questioned by the police and while answering their questions the same photographer snaps a shot of him and he smashes his camera and is jailed for a week. He redeems himself but starts on the bench for the champions league final against Arsenal who include TJ Harper and Hughie McGowan who appeared in the first film. They are losing 2-0 at half time thanks to goals by Harper and Thierry Henry. Santiago is put on to partner Gavin Harris. In the second half Arsenal have a second penalty but TJ Harper hits the bar an Santiago clears for Harris to volley over Jens Lehmann. Santiago then scores a belting volley and for the last touch of the game David Beckham scores a trademark freekick. The film ends with to be continued...

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