Monday, January 30, 2012

Guide for PEKA

Construct that is assessed in PEKA Science Form 4 and 5.

* Constructs I, III and IV are assessed based on evidences of laboratory reports.

** Constructs II and V are assessed based on observations made by the teacher while conducting the PEKA experiment and also in the process of teaching and learning.

* Construct I - Planning of the experiment
  • C1P1 - State the aim of the investigation or experiment accurately.
  • C1P2 - State the hypothesis accurately.
  • C1P3 - State all the variable involved.
  • C1P4 - List down all the materials or apparatus.
  • C1P5 - Write the complete procedure or technique.

** Construct II - Carrying out the experiment (based on planning, and usage and handling of materials/apparatus)
  • C2P1 - Ability to use and handle the materials or apparatus carefully.
  • C2P2 - Ability to clean the materials or apparatus in a proper way.
  • C2P3 - Ability to store or put back the materials or apparatus correctly and safely.
  • C2P4 - Ability to sketch or draw any specimen or science apparatus arrangement correctly and accurately.

* Construct III - Collecting and recording data/observation
  • C3P1 - Able to construct a table with the correct manipulated and responding variables.
  • C3P2 -Able to complete the manipulated variable data in the table correctly.
  • C3P3 - Able to record the data/observation of the responding variable obtained from the experiment correctly.

* Construct IV - Interpreting data and making conclusions
  • C4P1 - Able to interpret data or discuss or plot a graph correctly:
    (i) Title of the graph.
    (ii) Axes that are labelled with the correct units.
    (iii) Uniform scale.
    (iv) Correct graph for the experiment.

  • C4P2 - Able to state whether the hypothesis is accepted or rejected.

  • C4P3 - Able to make a correct conclusion/summary of the experiment.

** Construct V - Scientific attitudes and noble values
  • C5P1 - Show inquisitiveness and interest.
    (i) Frequently asking the teacher or friends questions related to the task.
    (ii) Always ready to accept other people's ideas and opinion.
    (iii) Keen in all the task given.

  • C5P2 - Systematic attitude.
    (i) Frequently carrying out the investigation or experiment systematically.
    (ii) Reporting the exact data or observation from the experiment.

  • C5P3 - Cooperation.
    (i) Always shows cooperation when carrying out group activities.

  • C5P4 - Responsibility.
    (i) Always shows self-confidence while carrying out an investigation and being brave to defend one's ideas.
    (ii) Always ensure the safety of oneself, friends and the surrounding.

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