Friday, March 18, 2011

[Science Form 3] Generation of Electricity

Generation of Electricity
  • Generator
    • Thermal.
    • Hydroelectric.
    • Diesel.
    • Nuclear.
    • Gas turbine.

  • Transformer
    • Step-up transformer.
    • Step-down transformer.

  • Transmission and distribution
    Consist of;
    • National Grid Network.
    • Switch zones.
    • Transformer stations.
    • Main substation.
    • Substation branches.

  • Electricity supply
    Type of wire;
    • Life wire.
    • Neutral wire.
    • Earth wire.
Electrical Energy Generator
  • A device that is used to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.

  • Induced current - When a moving wire or electrical conductor cuts across magnetic lines of force, electric current will be produced.

  • All electrical energy generators use the same principle of generation:

    • The turbine is rotated.

    • The turbine turns the dynamo that is connected to it. The dynamo has a wire coil placed in between a magnet.

    • The wire coil cuts across the magnetic and electric current is produced.

Thermal Generator

  • Coal, petroleum or natural gas are burned in heat water in a boiler to produce steam.

  • Chemical energy --> Heat energy --> Kinetic energy --> Electrical energy

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