Thursday, June 17, 2010

[Biology Form 4] Program Bestari Fasa 2 - Cell Division

  1. The diagram shows a somatic cell during mitosis.

    • a) State the mitotic phase in the diagram and give your reason.
      • Metaphase. Chromosomes are arranged at the equatorial plane.

    • b) After the mitosis is completed,
      • i) how many daughter cells are produced?
        • 2.
      • ii) how many chromosomes are there in each daughter cell?
        • 4.

    • c) Give an example of technology currently used which applies the mitotic process.
      • Cloning / tissue culture.

    • d) Name 2 cells which do not undergo mitosis.
      • i) Nerve cell.
      • ii) Red blood cell.

  2. The figure below shows the different stages of cell division in the mammalian ovary.

    a) Using the letters in the diagram, arrange the stages of cell division in their correct sequence.
    • G → F → A→ C→ E → B→ D

    i) Name the type of cell division illustrated in the figure above.
    • Meiosis.

    ii) With reference to the figure only, state two evidences to support your answer in [b) i].
    • There are 2 cell divisions.
      • 4 daughter cells are formed.
      • bivalents are formed.

    c) What biological term is used to describe the cells in stages D and G with respect to the number of chromosomes in their nucleus?
    • D : haploid cell.
    • G : diploid cell.

    d) State one difference in appearance between the chromosomes in stage G and F and give your reason.
    • Chromosomes in stage G appear as one stand but the chromosomes in stage F appear as two strands.
      • Reason: As the chromosomes in G continue to thicken, it is then seen as two sister chromatids in phase F.

  3. The cell life cycle of an organism consists of phases X and Y. Phase X comprises of subphases P, Q and R. Phase Y comprises processes U dan V.

    i) Name process U.
    • Mitosis.

    ii) State the role of process U in living organisms.
    • For the growth of organism.
    • Replace worn-out tissue // for asexual reproduction.

    b) Diagrams I, II, III and IV below show the stages in process U.

    i) Arrange the stages of process U in the correct sequence below.
    • IV → II → III→ I

    ii) Name the stages in process U.
    • I – Telophase.
      II – Metaphase.
      III – Anaphase.
      IV – Prophase.

    c) What is phase X?
    • Interphase.

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