Thursday, January 28, 2010

[Science Form 3] Compounds

Silicon Compounds
  1. Silica
    • Components: Silicon, Oxygen.
    • Examples: Sand, Quartz, Flint.

  2. Silicate
    • Components: Silicon, Oxygen, Metal.
    • Examples: Mica, Clay, Feldspar, Topaz.

  3. General properties
    • Very stable.
    • Insoluble in water.
    • Does not react with acids.
    • Does not discompose on heat.
Calcium Compounds

Some of the properties of calcium compounds include:
  • Insoluble in water.
  • Reacts with acids to produce salt, carbon dioxide and water.
  • Decomposes on strong heating to produce calcium oxide and carbon dioxide.

Uses of calcium compounds
  1. Limestone
    • Manufacturer of cement and glass.
    • Extraction of tin and iron.
    • Making quicklime and slaked lime.

  2. Marble
    • Making statues and monuments.
    • Cover floors and sides of buildings.

  3. Quicklime
    • Neutralise acids in the soil.
    • As a drying agent in the preparation of ammonia gas.

  4. Slaked lime
    • Reduce the acidity of soil.
    • Supply calcium to plants.
    • Making caustic soda as a cleaning agent.

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