Wednesday, December 23, 2009

[Science Form 4] Responding Rightly

Voluntary actions are acts we are aware of and intend to do, while involuntary actions are acts that our body carries out automatically.

Many picture in newspaper show people in the process of carrying out voluntary actions. Pick any picture you like. Then, based on the picture, write out the reactions that his/her body experiences before responding to the stimulus.

If the picture shows a footballer kicking a ball, your answer should read like the following.

The footballer's receptor organs - his eyes - receive an environmental stimulus, which is the ball. Next, his eyes send electrical impulses through the sensory neurons to his brain. At the sight centre, the approaching ball is being interpreted, and impulses to kick the ball are generated. Impulses are sent through the effector neurons to his leg muscles. The footballer's leg then kicks the ball.

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