Tuesday, December 29, 2009

[Science Form 2] Importance Of Biodiversity

Biodiversity is not only important to the environment, but also to the well-being of Man.

Importance of biodiversity to Man.
  1. Raw materials.
    Many plants and animals provide various goods of products to humans, many of which play important roles in human economies.

  2. Food
    Plant and animal diversity provides a variety of food for Man.

  3. Medicines and herbs
    Many plants are rich sources of traditional and modern medicines. These are used to treat and prevent diseases.

  4. Genetic diversity
    The wealth of gene pools increases diversity in future generations. Eg: for better crops.

  5. Ecology
    All species are supported by the interactions among other species, each providing an ecological value to another such as pollination, nutrient cycling and also the regulation of the atmosphere and climate.

    Plant and trees provide oxygen to the atmosphere; wetlands and forest provide clean water through filtration.


  1. terima kasih cikgu..sekarang saya dpt maklumat pasal biodiversity untuk wat folio....hmmm,,,:)

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