Wednesday, December 30, 2009

[Science Form 1] Animal, Plant & It's Resources

Here is the example of the animals and plants that produce the resources below.
  • Pandan / Screw Pine
    Resources: Leaves for hats and mats.

  • Crocodile, snake, cow, elephant
    Resources: Skin for shoe, bags, belts.

  • Whale, coconut, palm
    Resources: Oil for lamps.

  • Rubber tree
    Resources: Latex for shoes and gloves.

  • Quinine
    Resources: Medicine for malaria.

  • Leech, maggot
    Resources: Assist in body repair and surgery.


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  2. >.< first timer here too... n i really dont understand all>.< and im in form2 next year form3 ...

  3. i don understand
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  4. I think this blog is useful .... but it will be more useful if the note is longer ....

  5. The note is very good... but maybe should be longer

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