Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wonderful Salt

Life without salt would be more than bland.

Salt either comes from evaporating seawater or is mined.

Most salt fields (spots of very salty water) are near the ocean. Nearby salt fields include those in Kampot, Cambodia an Nha Trang, Vietnam.

There are salt mines all over the world where people mine for rock salt. These mines are dried-up lakes and oceans. As the salty waters become enclosed or buried, the salt in the water turns into solid layers.

In the past, salt was so precious that salt roads were made, mostly to enable the transportation of salt to cities where there were no salt lakes or nearby seashores.

In certain cultures, salt was sacrificed to the gods. It was considered to have magical powers, too. Doctors would sprinkle wounds with salt in the hope of fighting off infection.

Today, say is sold in every shop and supermarket, and is more than a seasoning. Salt is used to make leather, roads, soap, glass, chlorine and paper.

It is also used to preserve hay and food, purify and soften water, refine metals, melt snow and ice, and freeze ice cream.

Salt is useful stuff, indeed!

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