Wednesday, October 21, 2009

[Physics SPM] Exam Pointers I

Source: Maths & Science Guide

  1. Relate the inertia of an object to its mass.

  2. Why does refraction of water waves occur?

  3. What is observed when a mercury thermometer is placed in a hot water of 80°C?

Frequent Mistakes

Student's answer:
  1. The inertia of an object is directly proportional to its mass.

  2. When a water wave travels from deep water to shallow water, it undergoes refraction.

  3. Themal equilibrium is achieved.

Correct Answers
  1. The higher the mass, the higher is the inertia.

  2. Because water waves undergo change in speed in the direction of propagation.

  3. The mercury length increases to the 80°C mark./The mercury rises up the tube to the 80°C mark.

* Deeper water allows greater velocities while shallower water causes lower velocities.


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