Wednesday, October 21, 2009

[Physics SPM] Exam Pointers II

Source: Maths & Science Guide


  1. What are waves?

  2. What is meant by "speed"?

Frequent Mistakes

Student's answers:
  • Waves are energy produced by oscillations that is able to transfer through medium and travel through vacuum.

Correct Answers
  1. Waves are the propagation of energy through the oscillation of particles of a medium.

  2. It is the rate of change of distance. It is = (distance/time). When an object travels a distance of 20m in 10s, its speed is (20/10) = 2m/s. It is scalar quantity.

  • The command phrase is "What is meant". Thus, you can choose to give the definition of speed, OR examples that provide the meaning of speed.

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  1. What is the propagation actually? I cant imagine the sentence if I dont know its meaning...


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