Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Bad Air

Fumes from cars and factories can make you cough or even feel sick. But did you know that indoor air can be just as bad for our health?

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is a form of indoor air pollution that happens when a building isn't built or maintained properly.

People in these places suffer from health problems but often don't realise it's the building that's causing them.

Until 1970s, toxic materials like asbestos and lead used in insulation, pipes, tiles and other items was a big cause of SBS. Asbestos and lead poisoning cause headaches, fever, nausea and even lung cancer and brain damage.

Today, lead and asbestos are no longer used in buildings. But common products like glue, carpeting, treated wood and cleaning fluids also release toxic fumes. When these are used during renovations, people have to stay outside - or wear a safety mask.

Moulds, fungi and bacteria also cause SBS. The bacterium Legionella is especially dangerous as it causes Legionnaire's Disease and Pontiac Fever that can kill.

Modern buildings are specially designed so there are no damp hidden corners where these organisms can breed. But the best prevention is to clean filters, fix leaking pipes and do regular maintenance.

Well-designed buildings also have fresh air flowing through that flushes out fumes and lets in the oxygen we need to maintain good health.

The important thing is not to confuse cold air from air-conditioners with the good stuff. We have to open windows regularly to let fresh air in.


  1. we have to look thing on scientific value i.e ppm/hr and exposure limit...including oxygen content in the air...

    Than we can conclude weather the sir purity is bad or not..for health..


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