Thursday, July 09, 2009

[Science Form 1] Basic Components Of Air

Nitrogen (N2)
The rather non-reactive nature of nitrogen balances the active nature of oxygen in air. It is also converted to plant nutrients by lightning and certain soil bacteria. Nitrogen is important to life processes. It is the backbone of amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein for all living things. Without nitrogen, even plants cannot maintain their structures.

Oxygen (O2)
Highly reactive; it is needed by all living things for respiration, that is to metabolise food into energy and excrete carbon dioxide gas. Without oxygen, we would be dead in minutes!

Inert Gases
Totally non-reactive gases like argon (Ar) 0.94%, hydrogen (H) 0.01%, neon (Ne) 0.012%, helium (He) 0.0005%, krypton (Kr) 0.0001%, xenon (Xe) 0.000009%.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
This gas is a product of respiration & combustion. Plants take in this gas through their leaves, keep the carbon portion of it and excrete the oxygen back into the environment through a process called photosynthesis. This gas has the ability to absorb radiated heat and thus, helps to keep the atmosphere warm.


  1. can you state the percentage for each of the air components?

  2. can u give the bar graph f0r the percentage of the air component..??


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