Wednesday, April 08, 2009

[Chemistry Form 4] Kinetic Theory Of Matter

  • Matter is made up of small and discrete particles, which are constantly in motion and contain kinetic energy.

  • Solid particles are held by strong forces of attraction, which packed them closely in an orderly manner. Thus, solid has a fixed volume and shape. Solid particles have limited motion; they can only rotate and move about a fixed position.

  • Forces of attraction between liquid particles are weaker than those in solid particles. Thus, the particles are arranged less compact and less orderly. Liquids have a fixed volume but not a fixed shape. The particles can vibrate, rotate and move throughout the liquids.

  • Particles in gas are held by very weak forces of attraction. The particles are very far apart from each other and are in constant motion. The particles vibrate, rotate and move randomly. Gas does not have a fixed shape or volume and can be compressed easily.


  1. Did we learned this when the syllabus were in Malay?

  2. verygood article i like it because i'm work in water treatman plan as meter reading so tank for yau this article


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