Wednesday, March 25, 2009

[Biology Form 5] What's In Our Blood - Riddles

Red Blood Cell
Born very early in the born marrow
I pass through blood vessels no matter how narrow
I live but for three months and not a day more
From the lungs, I take up a gas that you need in every flow ... Who am I?

Granulocyte (a leucocyte)
My nucleus is lobed and my cytoplasm granular
A soldier I am with a nucleus irregular
To eat your enemy is my function
And, for that, I have both gut and gumption ... Who am I?

At a cut, I act fast and cause a clot
This is my life, this is my plot
But I do it only when you need me too
For if you lose your blood, you'd soon turn blue ... Who am I?

Lymphocyte / Granulocyte (a leucocyte)
Smooth and large, my nucleus is round
In the lymphatic system am I found
I shoot out antibodies when I get the chance
Pathogens shrivel up and fall into a dead trance ... Who am I?

While blood plasma takes up 55% of blood fluid, blood cells make up the remaining 45%

blood cells : sel-sel darah
blood plasma : plasma darah
blood transport : pengangkutan darah
blood vessel : salur darah
granulocyte : granulosit
interstitial fluid : cecair intertis
leucocyte : leukosit
lymph duct : nodus limfa
lymphatic system : sistem limfa
lymphocyte : limfosit
phagocytes : sel-sel fagositosis
platelet : platlet
valve : injap

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