Tuesday, March 24, 2009

[Biology Form 4] Roles That Vary

A number of components or organelles are present within a cell. Each of them has different and specific function within the cell.

The presence or absence of a particular group of organelles tell us what kind of functions the cell can or cannot perform.

For instance, the presence of absence of chloroplasts. The mesophyll cell in the leaves of plants contain chloroplasts. This enables the mesophyll cell to carry out photosynthesis.

Epidermal cells, on the other hand, do not contain chloroplasts. Do you think they can carry out photosynthesis?

The ability of cells to carry out specific function due to the organelles contained in them is known as cellular differentiation.

Different cells carry out different functions because of the varying types of organelles contained in them.

A man's sperm cell, for instance, is packed with organelles known as mitochondria in its neck.

This enables the sperm to produce its own energy for movement.

Thus, a cell's structure determines its function.

cell : sel
cell membrane : membran sel
cell wall : dinding sel
chloroplast : kloroplas
cythoplasm : sitoplasma
mesophyll cell : sel mesofil
multicellular organism : organisma multisel
nucleus : nukleus
organelle : organel
photosynthesis : fotosintesis
unicellular organism : organisma unisel
vacuole : vakuol

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