Tuesday, March 24, 2009

[Biology Form 4] Organelle 1

1) Chloroplast - This is an organelle made up of a double membrane and several membranous structures.

2) In organelle 1, energy is not created or distroyed. In fact, one form of energy can convert to another.

3) Lense - This is the typical shape of organelle 1.

4) Water - This is one of the requirements for the process in organelle 1 to take place.

5) Oxygen - The name of the gas released during the process that occurs in organelle 1.

6) It is a plant cell that usually contains organelle 1.

7) Sun - The source of all energy in an ecosystem ant the source of the energy that can be absorbed by organelle 1.

8) Light - Without this, organelle 1 cannot carry out its funtion.

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