Friday, February 13, 2015

How to Study Science?

Before you enrol into a science class, you need to know that the knowledge of most science courses is accumulative, that is, new knowledge builds on old one. You therefore should also understand today's science concepts before tomorrow's class.

Before we begin, ask ourselves these question:
  • How often do I sit down with my science book to read ahead before we cover material in class?
  • Do I take note while I read?
  • Do I seek help whenever I don't understand something?
  • Do I review my notes and read the chapter under study often?
  • Do I do extra problems in the book that are not assigned?

To study and understand science successfully, we suggest you to do the following:

Before Class
Get an overview of the study scope by quickly skimming through the sections of the chapter to be discussed in the class. Then, formulate possible questions for your teacher from your quick reading.

During Class
Ask for things that you do not understand during the class. It is proven that interactions in the class enhance the learning experience, as opposed of just taking notes and study later. If you miss something, write what you can (keywords for example) and clarify with your teacher right after class. Take note on any concepts or principles that your teacher emphasises during class.

After Class
After every class, you need to summarise, review and complete your notes using reference book. Then, build relationships between concepts in the current chapter and the previous ones, show similarities and differences. Try to solve problems related to the sections covered in class.
A Note to Remember...
Your teacher cannot make you learn. You have to take responsibility for your own education, stay actively engaged with your study material, and ask for help in understanding. Your teacher can help, but they cannot tell when you need help unless you tell them.


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