Friday, April 02, 2010

[Science PMR] The Experiment Question

The last question in Paper 2 is usually question number 8, which carries 12 marks. This question will be based on an experiment where you have to write down:
  • Readings [Make sure the unit of measurement you use is correct]

  • Variables
    • Constant variable [This is the fixed variable]

    • Manipulated variable [This is the factor that is changed in the experiment to get the specific result. ie: Length of wire (cm)]

    • Responding variable [This comes from the readings or the results of the experiment. ie: Ammeter reading]

  • Aim of experiment
    • Example: To study/investigate the relationship between the manipulated and the responding variable.

  • Hypothesis
    • This shows the relationship between the manipulated and the responding variable.
    • Writing format: "When the manipulated variable increases/decreases, the responding variable will increase/decrease."

  • Observation
    • What can be observed or what you can see.

  • Plot a line or bar chart

  • Prediction
    • This will be based on your graph, where you have to predict a reading for the responding variable when given a value for the manipulated variable.
    • Example of a question: From the graph, find out the value of T when the mass is 10g.

  • Inference
    • This is the early conclusion based on your observations.
    • Example: The change in the responding variable depends on the manipulated variable.

  • Conclusion
    This is the same as the hypothesis.
Note: It is very important to get your manipulated variable and the responding variable correct!

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