Monday, November 16, 2009

[Biology SPM] Exam Pointers III

Source: Maths & Science Guide

When answering structural and essay questions in Biology Paper 2, use clear and accurate Biology terms and phrases, in concise and simple sentences that are arranged sequentially.

Structural questions usually consist of several parts dealing with concepts, phenomena, processes and structures. These parts are related to each other and arranged in order of difficulty, from simple identification or recalling of facts to elaboration of points.

A question with many parts may require students to give a definition or meaning, a description of structures and processes, and an explanation of more complex concept.

The allocation of marks for each part can be used to guide students on the length and depth of answers required. For every one mark allocated, one main point should be provided.

Structural questions on the definition or meaning of certain processes or phenomena are often asked.
Eg: Define mitosis. [ 1 mark ]

Correct Answers
A type of nuclear division that results in one parent nucleus producing two genetically identical daughter nuclei with the same chromosome number and type as the parent cell.
  • Comments:
    Mitosis is a nuclear division. Note that Biology terms and phrases such as "parent nucleus" and "daughter nuclei" should be used. Include the fact that the daughter cells are genetically identical to each other and the parent cell. Also, state the chromosome number, which is important in describing mitosis accurately.

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