Thursday, August 27, 2009

[Science Form 4] Fission & Fusion

Nuclear Fission
When a high energy neutron hits a uranium-235 nucleus, the U-235 nucleus becomes uranium-236, which is highly unstable. The unstable uranium nucleus then splits into two smaller and more stable nuclei - barium-141 and krypton-92.

Three neutrons and a great amount of energy are released during the fission. Along with the energy, light and heat are released. Gamma rays are emitted during the process, which is carried out in a nuclear reactor where energy is produced. This form of energy supplies 16% of the world's supply of electrical energy.

Nuclear Fusion
In nuclear fusion, the tritium nucleus and the deuterium nucleus are combined to form a heavier nucleus. During the process, an alpha particle and a neutron is released, together with a large amount of energy, though less than that produced from nuclear fission. The nuclear fusion activity can be seen from sun flares, which give us light and heat.


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