Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Many nice teachers out there

The Star

READING Wong Sai Wan’s article about his teachers (“To Sir with love,” – The Star, Oct 31) makes me want to share some good news.

My children were the only Chinese students in two different Sekolah Kebangsaan when they were in their primary years.

My daughter was in Year 6 and had to go to a different school from her brother because his school had just opened and did not have Year 6 classes. We faced hard times due to racial verbal abuse. Many a times I had to go to their school to watch over them. Luckily my daughter had very nice and understanding teachers who reprimanded those who said things that were not nice.

My son was not so lucky as he was only eight and not a very bright boy. What do kids that young know about race? They gave him some hard times.

It is worse when you have a teacher who looks at race, too. Luckily for him that teacher did not stay long.

When he was in Year 4 he got a very nice teacher, a real angel who sees children as students and did not bother about the colour of their skin. For the next three years she was my son’s saviour. I am very grateful to her and the many other teachers who took care of my son, even though he was not a very bright student.

To Cikgu Raudha, Cikgu Roshida and many others who made my son’s learning years a joy, I would like to thank you very much. I know I could never thank you enough but I will always feel grateful for all you have done.

To all parents who send their children to Sekolah Kebangsaan, there are many nice teachers there who see your children as students regardless of their race.


Kuala Selangor, Selangor.

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