Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Avoid biscuits without labels: Health Ministry

The Star

KUALA LUMPUR: Biscuit lovers are advised not to buy loose biscuits from night markets, farmers’ markets and shops.

The Health Ministry’s Food Safety and Quality Division director Noraini Mohd Othman said this was to avoid buying biscuits that contained melamine exceeding the permissible level.

She said consumers must also be more alert to avoid food that could jeopardise their health and their family’s.

“We can only educate consumers, but they make the decisions when purchasing goods. Read the labels before buying.

“Don’t only think that loose biscuits are cheaper, but think of the effects the tainted biscuits have when we consume them,” said Noraini in a statement faxed to Bernama, here on Tuesday.

Noraini also advised retailers to be more responsible and to often check the ministry’s website to avoid selling food products tainted with melamine.

“If there is a food product that does not contain the permissible level of melamine, we hope they will remove it from the shelves or contact the District Health Office or State Health Department for more information.

“We also urge consumers to go through the list of products not approved by the ministry to avoid buying unsafe products,” she said.

The division today certified four products from China and four more biscuits from Malaysia to be safe for consumption.

The products from China are Hapi brand Strawberry Sandwich Biscuits, Jiahui brand Pizza Biscuits (Red Packet) and CHong brand Soda Biscuits (Green Packet) as well as Hichime brand fruit milk chew candy.

The four local products are Biskut Marie Kecil, Biskut Rokok S, Biskut Rokok L2 and Biskut Milk Fat Short Cake, all produced by Khian Guan.

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